Contract data extraction made easy

Extract relevant information from contracts and other documents faster and more accurately than before.

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Contract data extraction

Improve the speed and accuracy of contract data extraction work. Using machine learning artificial intelligence, Kira automatically extracts the key data points from commercial contracts, leases, and other similar documents.

For example, Kira can be used to find information like contract auto-renewal dates which can then be used to populate Contract or Lease Management Systems, enabling workflow automation.

And with Kira Quick Study, the system can learn to find virtually any contract information that is relevant to your business.

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Regulatory reporting and compliance

Help your clients identify areas at risk of noncompliance and avoid costly penalties in areas like FCPA, export control, HIPAA or EU data privacy. Kira can also extract information for regulatory recordkeeping and reporting as required by Dodd Frank (QFCs), Basel II or Solvency II, among others. Kira includes built-in provision models that can identify clauses across large volumes of contracts, and using Kira Quick Study, additional compliance provision models can be tailored to specific client and project needs.

Kira makes it possible to offer a more competitive approach to delivering compliance review, and can be deployed either as a part of your managed service offerings or on a project basis.

Due diligence for mergers, acquisitions and divestitures

Kira helps complete contract review work faster while mitigating risk of errors
 and unexpected liabilities. Users consistently report time savings of 20–40% the first time using the software, and up to 90% or more with experience. Kira does this by automatically highlighting and extracting relevant contract language from contracts in virtually any file format. To date, Kira has been trusted on hundreds of billions of dollars of transactions, both small and large.

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Case Study: Chemtrade uses Kira in US$900M acquisition

Post-merger integration / separation

Kira assists in identifying the contractual obligations of businesses as part of post-merger integration or separation activities. Ensure that the newly formed organizations continue to uphold their commitments to new customers, or that valuable resources are not expended servicing obligations that are no longer relevant.