Legal Operations & AI: Uncovering Risks & Growth Opportunities in Your Contracts

Today, corporate legal departments are increasingly taking advantage of advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to conduct contract review and avoid costly human error. This is happening as legal departments continue to seek ways to be stronger partners of the business, and legal operations leaders are becoming more strategic. Our latest whitepaper, Legal Operations & AI: Uncovering Risks & Growth Opportunities in Your Contracts, explores how AI tools like Kira lend context to the information found in large sets of documents, particularly when those documents are varied.

In this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • The consequences of inefficient CLMs
  • What a technology roadmap for contract review looks like
  • Where AI tools like Kira prove to be most impactful

With a nearly infinite number of uses for AI, it pays to examine how to harness machine learning (and which tools to examine it with) to truly understand what’s in your contracts.

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