Machine learning contract analysis software that learns with you.

Kira comes with over 1,000 built-in provision models to automatically find and extract information in your contracts. Need to find information unique to your practice? Add your own data using “Quick Study” and Kira will always remember it.

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Highlighting sample provisions for Quick Study

Teach by example

Upload your own sample contracts, and then simply highlight and tag the provisions you would like Kira to learn.

Quick Study Accuracy

Measure accuracy

Kira calculates the accuracy statistics for every provision you train. Armed with this data, you can decide when you are ready for Kira to start automatically identifying provisions on your projects.

Quick Study Validation Tab

Refine results

Easily validate the results, correct any human errors, and further improve the accuracy of your Quick Study models.

Deploy your new provisions

Once ready, deploy your new models on current or future projects. Kira Quick Study provisions amplify your team’s expertise, helping you get through more documents more accurately, in less time. It’s an artificial intelligence you can trust, because you trained it with your own expert hand.

Powerful, proprietary machine learning

Kira performs surprisingly well on contract text, even after being trained with very few examples, thanks to our proprietary machine learning algorithms developed by our in-house R&D team. Have you been told that machine learning is hard to use or requires too many examples to be worth the effort? Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Use Kira Quick Study alongside Kira's built-in models

Kira is available with a large number of pre-built machine learning models for the most common contract review tasks such as due diligence, general commercial compliance, lease abstraction, ISDA schedules, and more. Use Quick Study models to build upon or supplement these existing searches.

Learn more about Kira's built-in provision models