Quick Study

Empowering you to meet the unique needs of your clients and business

Easily create your own smart fields to find specific provisions, clauses, and data points from contracts and documents using Quick Study, our no-code machine learning tool.

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Leverage the expertise of 
your subject matter experts

Quick Study is a powerful tool that allows your experts to work hand-in-hand with Kira’s machine learning technology. Supplement Kira’s wide array of built-in smart fields, by building your own smart fields to extract the information you need for specific use cases, in any Latin-based language - no developer skills required.

Easily teach by example

Simply upload your own sample documents, then highlight and tag content relevant to your organization’s need. Kira can read and identify any Latin-based languages.

Control accuracy and performance

Kira calculates the accuracy statistics for every smart field you train. Armed with this data, you can adjust precision, recall, and bias of your custom smart fields to optimize results and meet your specific needs.

Continuously train and refine

Easily validate and track results, and refine your custom smart fields with additional documents and document types to further improve the accuracy and expand the relevance of your custom fields.

Deploy your custom smart fields

Once ready, deploy your new smart fields on current or future projects. Quick Study augments your team’s expertise for unique projects, helping you get through more documents with high accuracy and efficiency.

It’s an artificial intelligence you can trust, because you trained it with your own expert hand.

Powered by machine learning technology

Powered by machine learning technology

Kira quickly learns new provisions and clauses with very few examples, enabled by the powerful machine learning algorithms developed by our in-house R&D team.

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Share Knowledge

Share Knowledge

Smart Field Sharing allows Kira Super Admin users to easily and securely share the custom text smart fields they’ve trained with other Kira users both inside and outside of their firm or organization, enabling them to amplify their expertise, save on resources, scale customer offerings, take on new business opportunities, and develop new client service models.

Train alongside Kira's Built-In Intelligence

Kira comes with over 1,000 out-of-the-box smart fields to help you immediately start your projects. Use Quick Study to augment Kira’s existing smart fields to fit your needs.